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Additional Testimonials



"Target? You hit Patti's target DEAD-CENTER!  Right in the bull's eye!  Amazing!  Instant, on-the-spot relief! Thank you for your amazing talent!  Yes in all of life we win some and we lose some.  Your shots were WINNERS!  Stewart C"


"Hello Dr. Penhollow - You performed a procedure on me on January 28th, giving me two injections in my sacro joints.  I want to report they were VERY SUCCESSFUL.  I have not experienced any of the pain I had been having previously.  Thank you so very much for taking the time to THOROUGHLY review my records and zero in on exactly where my pain was occurring.  Also, thank you for taking the patient time to explain everything to me and my husband.  I am grateful you were the one to do this procedure!  Sincerely, Patricia B."


 "Dear Dr. Penhollow, Thank you for the recent injections into my back this past week.  Dramatic effect!  A significant difference in the backache ... just minimal pain.  These are a great alternative to surgery.  Looking forward to a hip injection, too, with your great team, Dr. Penhollow.  Very grateful, Sue D."


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