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Get Natural Relief from Your Knee Pain with Your Own Cells

Get Natural Relief from Your Knee Pain with Your Own Cells

Your knees do an amazing job getting you from one place to another and supporting your whole body’s weight. But years of overuse and injury can put you at increased risk for pain when your knee joints start to wear out.

At Precision Regenerative Medicine, we offer effective solutions for knee pain that stems from injuries, degenerative disease, and overuse. 

Regenerative medicine specialist Tammy Penhollow, DO, focuses on using substances from your own body to alleviate pain and stimulate healing of the damaged parts of your knee joints.

When to get professional help for knee pain

Knee pain can develop suddenly or in the days after a fall or sports injury. Dr. Penhollow recommends that you schedule a diagnostic evaluation immediately for injury-related knee pain that you can’t manage on your own with rest and over-the-counter medications.

Along with pain, knee injuries can cause symptoms like:

Serious knee conditions, including meniscus tears, fractures, and dislocations, require prompt treatment to prevent joint deformities and other complications.

When you have degenerative knee conditions like arthritis, your pain may increase gradually. We offer evaluations for knee pain that worsens even with home care. You should also schedule a consultation if you can no longer do your usual activities because of ongoing knee joint dysfunction.

We use advanced imaging technologies in the office to accurately identify the cause of your knee pain and other symptoms. The results of the bedside imaging tests combined with possible plain film xrays or an MRI from an imaging facility help Dr. Penhollow determine if regenerative medicine is an option, and if it is, to design the right treatment plan for your condition to increase the body’s ability to heal. 

Regenerative therapies for acute and chronic knee pain

The regenerative therapies we use for knee pain relief use substances — often from your own body — to trigger healing from the inside out. Depending on the cause of your knee joint pain, Dr. Penhollow may recommend one or more regenerative therapies, including:


Prolotherapy involves injecting a sugar water solution (dextrose) and a local anesthetic into your knee’s soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons, and muscle/tendon junctions, or even around entrapped or inflamed nerves. Dextrose triggers your body’s healing response, so more blood flows to the joint to support the healing of damaged tissues and inflamed nerves.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections

PRP contains growth factors that stimulate your body to produce new, healthy cells that replace those damaged by injury or disease.

PRP therapy involves injecting a high concentration of platelets from your own blood into your knee joint. The platelet-rich plasma effectively reduces inflammation and triggers your body to send more healing cells to the area to repair damaged tissues within your knee joint.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) are naturally occurring in your bone marrow. These cells can become many different musculoskeletal cell type, including soft tissue, bone, and nerve cells.

Dr. Penhollow offers bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) cell therapy using MSC from your body. She injects a high concentration of these cells directly into your knee joint and into surrounding tissues which may include the bone, ligaments, meniscus, tendons, and muscles to support a whole organ approach to healing.

Advantages of regenerative therapies for knee pain

Because these regenerative therapies address the underlying cause of your knee pain by healing damaged tissue, you can enjoy lasting symptom-relief benefits.

Many people can resume a physically active life without limitations or reliance on medications in the months after their treatment. 

Dr. Penhollow can also provide a holistic approach to your pain to optimize the health of your cells before she does the procedure; she does this through prehabilitation, rehabilitation, lifestyle and diet strategies you can use to protect your knees and other joints from overuse injuries and other complications.

Call Precision Regenerative Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona, to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for persistent knee pain, or book a consultation online today. 

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